Accused Killers in Court 

Two accused killers from Waldoboro were in court Friday.Police say they stabbed one woman to death and critically wounded another.Earl Beiler and Corina Durkee appeared in Lincoln County Superior Court in Wiscasset.Facing charges of murder, attempted murder and burglary, 24-year-old Bieler and 42-year-old Durkee did not enter a plea in court. Durkee shielded her face from cameras. Her lawyer says she’s confused right now.”From the start, she’s denied any involvement in the acts. I think we’ve been given very little information from the state.”According to court documents, Earl Beiler and Corina Durkee came to Tracy Nield’s residence to help her change a tire, but she wasn’t home. Statements from Corina go on to say that Tracy came home while they were there and she was with two people, Rachel Grindal and Shantelle Quint. That’s when the stories about what happened next and who stabbed who don’t match up.”Find the right person who did it. Shantelle Quint.”Beiler told police he saw Shantelle Quint stab Rachel, but Tracy Nield, who’s unable to speak because of her injury, wrote a statement telling police that Corina stabbed her in the throat and Buddy (Beiler) killed Rachel.The affidavit also states that Nield does not blame Shantelle.Maine’s medical examiner says 27-year-old Rachel Grindal died from force injuries to the neck and torso.It’s a he said, she said battle, one that friends and family are still in shock over.”I grew up good friends with Buddy, and Corina is a relative of mine and just i can’t believe they’d do something like that. They were all friends with tracy and them guys.””I’m sorta freaked out. I still can’t believe it.”Some in town say drugs could have played a part in what happened.”I think it played a big role in their decision making.”Beiler and Durkee will remain behind bars, a bail hearing has been scheduled for April 30th.