Maine Air National Guard Honored 

The Bangor base of the Maine Air National Guard has figured out a way to save energy and money, all while creating a better work environment.For that, they were honored Thursday.”It’s amazing…a much smaller bulb but much better lighting.”The Maine Air National Guard used to use 30 different kinds of light bulbs around their Bangor base. Now they use just one, energy-saving type.”I enjoy it. It’s a lot easier on the eyes, and it’s just nicer because it feels like it’s sunlight in here.””The light is not as glaring as it used to be, and the lights before were up inside the ceiling and obviously it’s a good work environment.”Efficiency Maine, a part of the Maine Public Utilities Commission, applauds the base’s efforts.”…and in total, the projects will save nearly a half a million kilowatt hours a year, and that’s enough to power 73 maine homes year round.”Commissioner Jack Cashman says the base is a role model, showing others how to reduce dependence on foreign fuels, and cut emissions.”Energy efficiency is the best bang for the buck in terms of getting that done the fastest. We don’t do it without partners, and the Maine National Guard has been a great partner.”Five more projects are in the works, at other bases across Maine. In addition to lighting, they’re tackling heating and air conditioning systems.”And if we can do things more energy efficiently, it’s a win-win situation. they help financially as well as how to do certain things.”