Corinth Boy Needs Special Care 

Two hours after Jacob Hall was born in Bangor, he was on his way to a hospital in Boston.”I mean, it’s just a shock to have someone come into your room and say, your son’s not gonna make it, I mean…”Jacob had C-D-H, a birth defect that stops a baby’s lungs from growing.”I was petrified”After an operation and a 17 day stay in Boston, Jacob got to go home. But the relief was short lived.”July 31st he was fussy and vomiting, so we decided to take him to the emergency room.”Doctors discovered Jacob’s hemoglobin level was at 3.8 – a normal level would be about 14. He was in for another long hospital stay.”We were there from that Thursday to Friday, until Monday. He had six transfusions over that weekend.”Since then, Jacob has had blood transfusions every two weeks to keep his count up. If it dips too low, it could be fatal. But there’s a lingering question.”Why does the blood count keep going down?”Doctors can’t figure out what’s making him sick.”There’s got to be somebody, somewhere that can puzzle this out.”He’s seen several specialists and Jacob’s parents are looking everywhere for answers.”We’re headed to Boston Children’s hospital on May First to have a consult and some tests.”They’re even looking into the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, but their insurance doesn’t cover tests done there. “In order to even be seen, you have to pay five-thousand dollars down and turn before they’ll do any tests. You have to pay them upfront for the tests.”Jacob’s parents say they’re taking it day by day, but they don’t know what they’d do without the support of those around them.”Family members is the biggest comfort to Jessie and Ray. To have family that can step in and give them a little help.”To help raise money to see the specialists in Minnesota. Jacob’s family is having a spaghetti dinner.It will be Sunday, April 26, from 2 to 8 pm. They’re having it at the Corinth Snowmobile Club. There will be raffles, arts and crafts – and of course a delicious dinner.