Affordable Animal Services Offered 

With Rabies season right around the corner, vet tech students at a local university are doing their part to make sure people get their pets vaccinated.Meghan Hayward has the story.Vet Tech students at the University College of Bangor are offering their services to the public at an affordable cost.”we’re going to be offering basically it’s a rabies clinic but we call it Wellness day. We’re going to do a quick but thorough physical of all the animals that come in. We’ll also offer nail trimming with that.”Doucette says their concerned about the animals in these tough economic times.He understands how difficult it is for some owners to shell out money for their pets.but Doucette says it’s important to remember that this expo does not replace an actual visit to a vet clinic.”having a vet and having your pet taken care of and having a good physical exam with a licensed vet is of supreme importance.”This is the second year this event has taken place and Doucette expects an even bigger turn-out this year.”if the calls I’ve received indicate growth, we’re going to have a lot of people here on Saturday.”The clinic works with the organization Save Our Strays which finds stray animals and brings them to the clinic.From there…the students take over.”we nurse them back to health, give them the shots, vaccines, the physicals.”Students graduating from the three year vet tech program receive an associates degree and then have to be licensed.”once you pass that licensing test than you are a licensed vet tech and at that point the only thing you can’t do is prescribe, surgery and diagnose. The vets need to do that but we are the vets right hand for everything else.”