UMaine Celebrates Earth Day 

The University of Maine took Earth Day as an opportunity to educate their students on how to become greener.The University of Maine was all about the green Wednesday…going green that is. In honor of Earth Day UMaine had several events and presentations educating students on how they can help the environment. “Getting people to come out and realize that they can be active participants in improving UMaine’s environmental behavior and reducing our impact on the environment. There are certainly a lot of students, faculty, staff and everybody can do just in terms of day to day behavior.”One step UMaine is taking toward becoming greener is installing solar panels.Chris Straka is C.E.O. of the company installing the panels.He says this project has been in the works for several years but will be put into effect in the next sixty days. “What we’ve done here is to make a combined affordable solar unit that takes more advantage of the sun and available energy.”Various student organizations on campus also participated in the day’s festivities.UMaine’s Green Team had a display educating students on how much energy they use. “That is 123 cubic feet, turns out it fills up that entire box and that’s in oil and natural gas.”Green Team President Walter Lazarz says Earth Day is a great start in getting the message out but there is plenty more to be done. “Realistically it takes more work than one day, definitely a good thing in terms of convenient thing to do on one day so that people can come together and think about it.”