Bangor Kids Learn About Conservation on Earth Day 

A group of parents from greater Bangor used Earth Day as an opportunity to teach their little ones about protecting the environment.They took the kids for a tour of the Wastewater Treatment Plant.The youngsters enjoyed it a lot more than you might think.When you’re only 3 or 4 years old, Earth Day usually doesn’t mean too much. But this group of parents really wanted to get their little ones thinking about what it takes to care for the planet. So they brought them for a tour of Bangor’s Wastewater Treatment Plant. “We don’t make water for drinking. We take the dirty water from people’s homes and make it clean again.”City employees gave the group a VIP tour of the place…starting with the salmon who live in a tank of treated city water in the building’s lobby. “This is what they eat. See those little pellets?”From there, it was on to the yucky stuff: magnified images of the good and bad bacteria found in water before it’s treated. “This is all bacteria that’s alive.” “Yucky bugs!” “I think they were pretty cool.” “Big bugs.” “I just saw a spider!” “Would you wanna drink the water that was in there?” “No.”As the tour progressed, even the Moms and Dads took away some new information. “The water they put out into the Penobscot is cleaner than the background water that’s there now so this process is helping our water.”Kathryn Ravenscraft is the mom of two young girls.She’s hoping her daughters take home some of the lessons they’ve learned today and put them into daily practice, now that they know how much work goes into cleaning the water they use every day. “Turn off the water when they’re not using it. Don’t stand there brushing your teeth with the water running, take a quick shower, just little things like that.”Ravenscraft is hoping more parents will introduce their kids to places like this. So the idea of conservation really hits home. “They were really excited to get kids in here, because they think it’s important, as I do, to start giving kids awareness now. We underestimate their capability to take that baton from us.” “Earth Day is an opportunity but it shouldn’t be the only day we take to explain these things to our kids.” “That it is about celebrating the environment and doing what we can to protect it and that this is part of that process.”