Bangor Hydro Employees Celebrate Earth Day 

Some Bangor Hydro employees spent the day on Wednesday sprucing up a childcare facility in Bangor. It was part of their Earth Day celebration. They decided to clean up the yard around the Penquis Childcare Center on Venture Way.This is just one of their activities they have planned for the week. They are also holding an auction within the company of recycled and unused goods donated by employees, they’re asking employees to take a Green Pledge, and they have a recycled art contest for their workers.Kendra Overlock, member of Bangor Hydro’s Green Team says it’s part of the company mission to be as green as can be. “This gave us an opportunity to highlight that but we’ll be doing activities throughout the year to engage in the community and inside our company as well to be more environmentally friendly, more efficient with our resources. So it’s not just a one day event for us.” Overlock also says the company is trying to achieve L.E.E.D. Certification for their new facility on Illinois Avenue in Bangor. L.E.E.D. stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.