Mother Goose Jazz 

Do you have a favorite Mother Goose nursery rhyme? Today several children got to dance and sing along to theirs.Meghan Hayward has the story.Can you say saxophone? Saxophone.Children at the Bangor Library on Tuesday became familiar with the sounds of saxophones and other jazz instruments.”Terry Lidral is here as part of jazz month, April is jazz month. She’s going to sing Mother Goose with a jazz tone.”Lidral put the words of nursery rhymes to music and gave children a chance to sing along to some of their favorite rhymes.”When you start listening at a young age it’s a part of nurturing that love for music for the children. Introducing them to the instrument, to the different rhythms, different kinds of music.”Emma Patterson participated in the event and says her favorite part was the Three Little Pigs song because it was challenging.”It was kind of getting faster and faster, so it was harder to keep up with? Yes.”Emma’s father Dave Patterson brought her to the library and says it’s important she has the opportunity to hear jazz and other forms of music.”I think jazz is a really great music form and it’s good to expose kids early to that.”The children got to hear a variety of nursery rhymes from the Itsy Bitsy Spider.”Went up the water spout.”To other classics like Little Boy Blue.”Little Boy Blue come blow your horn.”Lidral says there’s something special about performing for children.”They are not inhibited and you can get them to move, you can get them to express and you can get them to do the jazz rhythms. They will sing along, they will participate.”