Downeast Power 

Bangor Hydro has finished a project that makes their service to some customers more reliable.The Downeast area, including Hancock and Washington Counties, used to receive power through a single high voltage line.As part of the Downeast Reliability Project Bangor Hydro added a second line.It’s 14 miles long and runs from Ellsworth to Trenton. They also built a substation in Trenton.It’s been up and running since December. Representatives from Bangor Hydro say the second line will decrease the risk of the entire Downeast area losing power.Lisa Martin, Manager of Transmission Development for Bangor Hydro says, “The transmission line creates a second power source to the region so it should boost reliability of the power to this area and it should also create capacity for future load growth.” Bangor hydro says this project has been in the works for about 3 years, and construction took about a year.They say the local economy was helped by the construction, and while the project was going on, Bangor Hydo says they recieved a great deal of community support.