Bad Economy Leads Woman to On-Line Broadcasting Job 

The bad economy has lead to thousands of job layoffs across the state.Kriste’ Bouvier of Ellsworth was among that group.She was laid off from her job at the University of Maine at Machias in April of 2008, and after months of trying to find a new one, she knew she had to think outside the box.This is Kriste’ Bouvier’s new position, behind a microphone in her living room broadcasting to the world on-line.She hosts the Designer Health Net talk show. It’s something completely different than what she was doing before.”I tell people all the time if you’ve ever seen the show Miss Congeniality, where she goes from being the cop to trying to be Miss USA that’s me, like the host in training.”But it fits right into her interests. She’s been trained and worked in the health and fitness field for years.The idea for the show came up months after she lost her job as the Fitness and Wellness Coordinator at the University of Maine at Machias.She just couldn’t find full time work.”After not being able to find work I was suited for, I started to think outside the box and actually had some help from my life partner, Jeff who is also a musician. We put our heads together and decided it would be really nice if we came up with some type of a talk show that would reach people in more of a light that pursued hope and inspiration”Kriste’ launched the on-line talk show show in January and has taped more than a dozen others since then.She covers topics ranging from reflexology to weight loss, and has had inspiring guests who have survived cancer, and another who is an ironman champion.”So we want to reach everybody whether they’re athletic or they just need some inspiration or they’ve lost hope.”Kriste’ says she has listeners from as far away as Australia and she has a goal of taking her show to radio.Although she misses her co-workers in Machias, she feels confident this new job is exactly what she should be doing.”I’m gonna take this and run with it and I may never make a lot of money off it and maybe it will go to radio, maybe it won’t but either way, I’m gonna keep doing this because our fans want us to.”To listen to Kriste’s show, log onto her website. It’s post a new show each Sunday night around 8:00. You can also find lots of other health related information there.