Wildfire Awareness Week 

Heading into this week there have been about 75 wildfires in maine, with nearly half of them in the Greater Bangor area.Now they are entering the busy season so the Maine Forest Service has designated this Wildfire Awareness Week.”Typically this is the week that we have the most wildfires in Maine.” Said Fire Prevention Specialist Kent Nelson. “A lot of people think that it would be August or September but Spring Fire Season is a very difficult time and we ask them to use a lot of caution if they are burning.”As people clean up the winter debris and dry grass from the yard sometimes those fires get out of hand, and when they do everything is just right to make the situation worse, according to Nelson.”We also have the weather conditions that allow the fire to spread, we have low relative humidity, warm temps and as we get into the afternoon the winds pick up and those three conditions are the recipe for fire.”The last significant rain fall in the area was on April 7th, nearly two weeks ago, and that has already raised the fire danger to Moderate.”This dry period it’s been about 8 or 10 days since we had significant rain and we’re starting to see that the woods are starting to dry out which is the conditions that we usually have towards August or September.”And while the rain that is in the forecast is welcome for fire prevention, it doesn’t mean the danger has gone away says Nelson.”Rain is certainly going to help but if we only get an inch or so it will dry out again so just be in touch with us and we’ll post the class day on our website so it’s very easy to check on or check with your local fire official.”To get a daily update on the fire conditions in your area log on to and click on the Forest Fire Danger Report on the left hand side of your screen.