Newport Woman Wins a Million Dollars 

A woman from Newport is Maine’s newest millionaire.Four years after buying a scratch ticket on a whim, Brenda Ripton got the word from the Maine State Lottery that she’d hit the jackpot…literally!Amy Erickson has the story.<"it's just such a blessing. i haven't been able to absorb the whole thing yet."Brenda Ripton got the shock of a lifetime when her phone rang Tuesday morning. "the lady said brenda ripton? And i said yes. And she said are you sitting down? And i said no...why would i be sitting down?" "they finally said this is the maine state lottery, you've won a million dollars."Ripton didn't buy it...she thought someone was playing a cruel joke.She hung the number for the Maine State Lottery and made the call...sure enough, it was for real.Almost four years ago, she bought a "texas Hold 'em" scratch ticket. It was a loser, but as part of a promotion, she filled out the back and mailed it to lottery headquarters. She never heard a thing until this week."they finally...had 2.4 million tickets to sell. It took that long to sell all those tickets and they finally had the drawing and they drew my name."Ripton filled out the paperwork Tuesday...and should have the actual check in hand by Thursday night. "i'm getting 700 thousand once the state and their government takes their part."And it couldn't have come at a better time.Ripton and her husband have both been out of work.Plus, she's dealing with health problems...and some major home improvement needs. "it's gonna be a big help to us.""yeah, i'm getting a well. We've had problems with our water. we ran out of water this winter."Family members say it couldn't have happened to a more deserving person."it's a blessing and someone that really deserves it. She does so much for so many people and it's just really great that it's my mother in law!" "i just look at this as a gift that God has given me and I have to just be a good steward with my money.""i have to see it first and hold it before i really believe this is all true. i told my husband if i wake up from this dream and it isn't true, i'm going to be very upset!"Amy Erickson, WABI TV5 News, Palmyra.>