Fire Destroys Bradford Home 

A fire in Bradford Thursday afternoon, destroyed a home, and torched some woods nearby. Crews were called to the scene on the Jones Road just after one.By the time firefighters got there, the fire had a good head start. It took them about 20 minutes to knock down the flames, but several hours to put out all hot spots.Lyda Koslowski lived there with her husband. They weren’t home at the time. Bradford Fire Chief Scott Demoranville says some people who were visiting next door noticed the fire. “Some guests had pulled into the yard, noticed the fire and smoke down back and actually thought that the owners were down there burning brush and they mentioned it, and said nobody was burning brush and it turned out to be an actual structure fire.”There were two cats and a dog in the home. They died in the fire.Koslowski did not have insurance.The fire chief isn’t sure what started the fire, but suspects it might have something to do with the electrical wiring.