Tax Day Tea Party 

Across the country today, folks gathered for tax day tea parties. It was a grassroots effort that gave many a stage to voice opinions about government and the economy.In Bangor, the rally was held across the street from the Federal Building.Patriotic protesters took a cue from our forefathers. They say times may have changed, but taxes are still the topic of this tea party.”The problem is, we went from a two cent tax on tea, causing a revolution against a vast empire, to a time right now when 120 thousand dollars per person is gonna be extracted from every person in the country just to pay the interest on the money they just spent.” “They’re taxing us to death, and they’re spending money we don’t have.”People stood with signs and flags. They chanted and yelled for the causes they came to represent. As people drove by, they showed their support for those who showed up.”I’m here because I believe in our constitution and bringing back the freedoms of the people again.””We’re fed up with the way things are going, and how is that going. Spending our way out of this economy is not gonna work.””I’m here to help support getting the control back to the people and getting it away from the government.”They say the tea parties have nothing to do with political parties.”It is non-partisan. It definitely concerns taxation.””This is a homogenized group of people that the political group is not what’s important to. It’s what we have to say that’s important all over the country.”Their message was loud and clear.”We the people. We’re the ones that started this wonderful nation and we’re the ones that have got to keep it going.”