Loop Road/Visitors Center Open for Season 

It’s a sure sign of spring.Acadia National Park’s Loop Road and Visitors Center opened for the season today.Amy Erickson takes us there.<"it's gorgeous. We were just watching bald eagles out here today."Park Ranger Betty Lyle says Mother Nature couldn't have provided a better day for the start of the season at Acadia National Park. "it's a beautiful day here. We've had a lot of hiking requests, a lot of people want to get down along the's just a great day to be anywhere in the park."Visitors were everywhere...from Sand Thunder Hole...They came from all over the country to get a glimpse of Acadia's beauty.Nancy and Ed Faust journeyed from Cornwall, New York. "it's the most beautiful park we've ever seen. We love to walk and hike and it's nice to be in the mountains and see the ocean at the same time."The couple's last trip here was more than 30 years ago, so they planned on retracing their steps. "we're just going to do the loop. We want to try to get to schoodic, because that's left an impression with me all this time."They shouldn't have any problems getting around, since much of the Park is now open."most of the hiking trails are open, though we want people to use a lot of caution because there's still snow and ice out there. The trails that are still closed are the precipice because the peregrines back and they're nesting there."The Valley Cove trail is closed for the same reason.The carriage roads are also closed, since they're still too soft for traffic.But that isn't stopping the War family of New Jersey from doing what they've set out to do in the park." "we're on a mission to see a moose!" "what do you want to see today? A moose. Do you see a lot of moose in New Jersey? No."Amy Erickson, WABI TV5 News, Acadia National Park.>The Hull’s Cove Visitors Center is now open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily.For more information, log on to