Warning From Banks: Scam Artists Are At It Again 

The calls from the latest phone scam to hit the area appear to be dying down, but not before a few people fell victim.Officials at Bangor Savings Bank say they first heard about the calls on Easter Sunday.They were automated calls telling folks that their credit or debit card had been compromised, prompting them to enter their account information.Senior Vice President at Bangor Savings Bank, Yellow Light Breen says a few of their customers did so, and at least one person had money taken from their account.But Breen says they are working with all these people to make sure that they don’t lose any money, and he says this should serve as an important reminder to everyone. “Your bank will never ever call you or e-mail you, especially with an automated message ever trying to get you to give up confidential information. We simply won’t, period, end of story.”If you do ever have questions about your account, you should always contact your bank, at a phone number or e-mail address that you are familiar with.Several other banks in the area are also warning their customers about this scam.If you did get one of the calls, and gave them your account information, you should contact your bank immediately.