Pottery Exhibit and Sale 

For the second year in a row the hammond Street Senior Center is holding their annual pottery sale and luncheon.It is a combination pottery exhibit and sale showing off items that are all made on the premises by students and instructors…..Last year they made soup bowls, this year it’s luncheon plates.With the purchase of a plate, the buyer gets a ticket to the spring harbinger garden tea… And there’s no shortage of options according to Kathy Bernier, the Executive Director of the Senior Center.”90 different offerings of plates, each one is an individual unique piece of pottery which is fully worth the twelve dollar price to start with and we’ll put a sold sign on the the bottom and when you come in on the 23rd, which is next Thursday, you get your plate and we’ll come around and serve you.”All of the proceeds from the sale will stay at the Senior Center…..The plates can be viewed and purchased Monday through Friday from 8-30 am until 4-30 pm at the Senior Center at 2 Hammond Street, Bangor.