NESCOM Brings home the Gold 

When David MaClaughlin, Executive director of Audio at NESCOM, told his students they’d be taking part in Shure Microphone’s national competition, they were more than excited.”We were all like OK! Ya know, let see what we can do. The next like four and a half months were pretty intense.” says Cameron Smith, a student.It was NESCOM’s first time in the competition. They had to record music using a box full of mics Shure gave them. All the recording had to be live.”For example, usually when you’re recording a bass guitar you just play it right into the board, but with this we actually had to play the bass guitar into an amplifier and then mic the amplifier.” Says Jacob Lansky as student. The competition was judged by industry leaders.MaClaughlin says, “There wasn’t a single person on the judging who hasn’t won at least four grammies.”They say this gave them insight into what the real world of recording is like. “It was definitely an eye opener to how long sessions can go. A lot of the time we were betting on 12 hour plus sessions.” Says Joshua Strange a student. The music was done by a local duo, Sam and Yuri – along with a string quartet and a flute. Using NESCOM’s equipment, these talented students mixed the track.”I know we all worked really hard on this recording and we definitely put our heart and soul in everything.” Strange says.Smith goes on to say, “We’re putting our names and our seal of approval on this so we want it to be the best it can get.””After we did this recording it was good enough, whether we won first or got dead last.” Strange adds.But when the guys heard the news, they were pretty psyched about their first place finish. They say it was a total team effort.”I think we worked great as a team. This was an incredible team.”