Hampden Students Visit Challenger Learning Center 

Many young Mainers dream about being an astronaut when they grow up.But after today, some Hampden students may be fine tuning that title a bit more.Joy hollowell takes us to the challenger learning center in Bangor.==============”Good Morning, c’mon in guys”Monday morning, first graders from Mcgraw Elementary school in Hampden took a field trip, to space.”1,2 here we go.”Unfortunately, these young space explorers only had a few hours, not nearly enough time to reach earth’s outer limit, let alone what lies beyond.”We’re docked, transferring control”So instead, they headed to the Challenger Learning Center in Bangor.”often times in the elementary programs, the teachers are working on their literacy and their math and spend a lot of time in the classroom with that. So, we’re looking to enhance anything that we can do to keep kids excited about science,” says Annette Brickley, professional development director for the Challenger Learning Center.”Space station, this is mission control, we will now build the fuelsalage for your rocket.”The students were divided into teams of engineers and scientists.”So in your team, the engineers are going to do the building and then guess who’s gonna test the rocket?The scientists.” “it’s really fun and you get to see a bunch of different things that are about space,” says 6-year old Ryan.”it was like I was actually going up into space in that rocket for a few seconds, it was really cool,” says first grader Aria.”just hope to kick off their excitement about what scientists do in space and how engineers help those scientists,” says Brickley.”i’d rather be a scientist than an astronaut because it’s pretty dangerous to be an astronaut because you might blow up,” says 6-year old Annika.+++++++++++++++For more information on the Challenger Learning Center, you can visit their website, You can also call them at 990-2900.