Wardens urge folks to think ahead for safety. 

Search a rescue crews have had their hands full, the past few days….A 76-year-old woman from South Portland who went missing last week, was located 180 miles away from home today.She was found 18 miles north of Greenville, in Kokadjo, walking along a snowmobile trail, with just one shoe. And an 80-year-old Machias man, who went missing Friday night, was found early this morning, on a trail along Porcupine Mountain.With the number of folks headed outside, as the weather gets better, Maine Wardens are asking people to plan ahead, to keep from getting into a bind.Cori Skall has more….”There’s really no down time when it comes to search and rescue.””In the winter time, you’ve got snow-mobilers….Right now, you’re getting into fisherman, people getting out in to the woods. You have a lot of Alzheimers this time of year, lot of kids.”Kevin Adam is a sergeant with the Maine Warden Service.He says last year alone, they took part in close to 500 searches.”Right now, you’re getting in to the time of year where people can break out in to the woods.””It’s actually a dangerous time of year, because in the winter time, people are usually prepared to go out for that type of weather. Now we have warm days but we still have cool nights. And the likelihood of hypothermia is greater.”Adam says there are a number of things you want to have with you when you head outdoors.”Take proper clothing. Prepare not only for the day, but for the nighttime. Take some snacks with you and the biggest overall thing is if you become lost, stop moving. Just stop.”Adam also advises getting yourself out of the elements.”Any type of little shelter you can make. A.) It’ll keep you busy, keep you warm. B.) You’ll be building yourself a shelter and C.) It will get your scent in an area, so when we get our canine out, it’ll be easier to find you.”Adam says if you have a car, stay with it.And if you have a phone, call 911.”You know, the biggest thing…Tell somebody where you’re going. Tell somebody where you’re going and when you plan to return. And where you’re leaving from. Those three things right there, we can start a search right there, pretty easy.”Cori Skall, WABI TV 5 News