Mudding on one Maine road is causing a mess 

Game wardens are on the lookout for the person they say ripped up roads in the Milford area.Warden Dave Georgia says there’s been an increase in traffic on the the outer part of the County Road lately, as folks head that way to go mudding.But some vehicles have been driving into the ditches, and along land owned by paper company American Forest Management.There’s also a natural gas pipeline that runs along that area, that stands to be damaged.Most of the road, which is owned by the town of Milford, has been torn up due to mud and traffic.And Georgia says the taxpayers and paper company will have to pay a hefty price if the mudding doesn’t stop.He says wardens are working to get the word out that those caught destroying the road or land, will be prosecuted.”This is the last place, Maine, and especially this area right here along the Studmill Road, is one of the last places in the whole country where somebody can come out and use this land for free. And it’s only a matter of time before people get tired of it.”Georgia says some landowners have already closed off parts of the road because of damage.And he says run off from the torn up parts of that area could lead to erosion issues down the road.