Parkside kids hopped to help folks with MD 

Kids from the Parkside Children’s Learning Center in Bangor “hopped to help” this morning.They’ve been collecting money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.And as Cori Skall explains, they got a special visit from the Easter Bunny to celebrate their success.”I’m hopping like a bunny! Me too! I’m a bunny! What are you? A bunny!””The Hop-a-thon is great fun for the kids. We love to get outside and get some exercise as well as help out a local charity.”For the second year in a row, kids from the Parkside Children’s Learning center are hopping to help kids with Muscular Dystrophy.”Keep hoppin’!””They’ve been learning this week about helping friends with disabilities.””We’re hopping and finding Easter Eggs! What are you hopping for? Do you know? Money! Money for what? For Children who are in the hospital.””Last year, we had a really successful year. We raised over two-thousand dollars. We were the third highest money raiser in the state. We were happy to do it again.”Three-year-old Meaghan raised over three hundred dollars.”Did you raise some money? A lot! A lot? And I brang a carrot!”The kids got a special treat to help them celebrate their accomplishment.”Who came to visit you? Easter bunny! And what’s the Easter Bunny doing here? Hopping!””We wanted to bring in the Easter theme a little bit, and have some fun with it, since we’d be hopping. And we have the Easter Bunny here, and we have an egg hunt as well.””I found three Easter Eggs back!””Where did you find that carrot? Eat it! Eat it! Eat it! Eat it!””At this age, it’s great to incorporate the fun and the relation to the holiday behind it, on top of supporting a group of needy children and I think it’s great how they incorporated it all together!””Does is make you feel good to help babies? Yup! Why? Because, because feeling better makes me feel happy!”Happy Easter!”Cori Skall, WABI TV 5 News, Bangor.