Free Tele-checks for Seniors 

For many seniors in Maine, being able to live on their own is important.But with that independence comes concern- what if something goes wrong?That’s where Telecare comes in.Joy Hollowell tells us about this free service that gives seniors and their family members some peace of mind.++++++++++++”Good morning Telecare, this is Carol.””Good morning Carol.”82-year old Bill Carlin starts just about every day off like this.”Hi Bill, how are you?””I’m fine thanks.”These phone calls are courtesy of Telecare. The free service, through Ross Care of Bangor, provides daily tele-well checks for seniors living on their own. Some clients choose just to call in on an answering machine. 0thers, enjoy the conversation.”well, hey with the sun out, who could be better.””yeah, it looks like a beauty.”Telecare has been around for three decades and its open to any senior that wants to sign up.”it’s a big thing for folks to want to be independent and live in their homes and doing the thing that they love to do. And that’s our whole mission,” says Cynthia Smith, Communication and Lifeline Program Manager for Rosscare.”I think its crucial. Because if there were not some way of checking on me daily. I think there would be pressure for me to go into some assisted living facility, but this really eliminates that need,” says Bill Carlin.”some of these older people, that’s the only phone call they get.”Bill says Telecare is also reassuring for family members far away.”my three children live in New York City. And they are aware of the existence of Telecare and it gives them a feeling of reassurance that every day, someone is checking in on dear old dad,” says Bill Carlin.”well, listen, you have a good day.””right, ciao”================Telecare is a free service for any senior living in the area.For more information, including if you’d like to volunteer manning the phones, you can call Ross Care at 973-7094.They also have a website,