Maine basketball players on CBS Early Show 

Two Maine high school students wound up on national television today.Patrick Thibodeau of Greely High School, and Josh Titus of Edward Little High School were managers of their schools’ basketball teams.They first made news after they were put into their team’s final games of the year.Thibodeau has Down Syndrome, and Titus is Autistic.Thibodeau hit two three-point shots, including one at the buzzer.Titus entered his game in the fourth quarter and hit four baskets, including a three pointer.They say they were inspired by the story of Jason Mcelwain, a young man from New York who is autistic.Mcelwain made the news in 2006 when he also played basketball in his team’s final game, only to go on a long-range scoring binge and finish with twenty points.Mcelwain, Thibodeau and Titus appeared on the CBS Early Show this morning.A representative from McDonald’s stopped by to give them a surprise.”I’m here to present you with the opportunity to attend a summer basketball camp with the Boston Celtics! It’s a very exciting opportunity for you! Patrick, Josh….What do you guys think? I’m, I think I’m excited for this because I’m a huge Celtics fan! Yeah, we heard that!”>And Maine McDonald’s owners chipped in to send the two kids from Maine and their folks to the Final they got to see North Carolina take the title Monday night.