Arts alive and well at Bucksport High School 

While many school art programs across the nation are being cut, there’s one program, in Bucksport, that’s alive and well.For the 15th year, art students at Bucksport High School, are gearing up for their annual art show.Cori Skall brings us a sneak peak.”It’s a really fun class! Mrs. Bertrand is an awesome teacher. and we’ve learned a lot about the artists.””I find it really relaxing and enjoyable and it makes my day a lot faster, and it just a nice way to calm down and be yourself.””I find that kids really, they want to do the hands on. and if i start to talk, they say ‘when can we work?’ so, i think there’s a big need for the actual creative part.”Holly Bertrand has been teaching art in Bucksport for 30 years.”Printing, painting, drawing, two dimensional design, sculpture and then i have a class of seniors which are my honors art class.”In a time where it seems art classes are falling by the wayside, Bertrand says the Bucksport school system is continuing to generously fund the art department.It appears to be paying off.”This is a Native American we did in coffee. and so we mixed coffee in water to get the sepia tones.”This week, her students are celebrating their artistic accomplishments by displaying their art throughout the school.”I actually had no clue that they had that much skill. Everyone’s got a lot of talent.””Are you surprised when you look around and see the different things that your class mates. it’s surprising! there’s a lot of people that i didn’t realize, have a talent with art.”The students say they’re glad to have art as an option in school.”You learn who you are as a person, and what your interests are.””It’s a way to express ourselves and to connect with our community and to connect with other people and to make people think about what’s going on right now!”They’re excited to show their creations to the public.”It’s a celebration of their talent. Some people have had art before and some people have never had art, so it’s really their night to show off what they have accomplished.”Cori Skall, WABI TV 5 News.>the school is holding an special reception tonight, from 6 to 8, to show off the art…it’s free and open to the public.there will be free refreshments and entertainment provided by the bucksport high school jazz band and chorus…if you miss tonight’s festivites, the art will remain up in the school for the next few weeks.