New way to register at Sebasticook Valley Hospital 

Patients at Sebasticook Valley Hospital in Pittsfield now have an option when it comes to how they register for their visits.Cori Skall has the story.”To my knowledge, in a hospital in the state of Maine, we are the first to implement the self check-in kiosk.””It’s about communicating with our customers, and making it convenient for them.”Checking in to the hospital just got a lot easier for patients at the Sebasticook valley hospital.The administration recently unveiled two new self check-in kiosks for patients in the hosptial’s entrance.”Our kiosks, which allow people to come in and actually register themselves, rather than to sit in a chair, waiting to be called in and get registered. So it’s all automated.””Couple of things about the kiosks is that this is a free standing unit. This is all antimicrobial, chemicals built it, so, to the screen. It’s all touch screen. The patient just walks up and presses start. The other thing to notice is, if you’re even standing slightly to the side, you won’t be able to see what’s on the screen. Privacy screen that’s built in to this is really quite superior.”Information officer, peggy romano, says the kiosk check in process is easy.You simply answer a couple of questions, touch a button, swipe a card and sign your name.”And that’s pretty much it. It’s as easy as that.”You need a healthpass card to use the new system, which you can get at the hospital.”Every patient that walks through the door is asked do you have a health pass card, and if they don’t, they’re given one.”Romano says the kiosks are not meant to replace personnel, and patients can still check in with the registration desk.”We give people the option, although I will tell you our first patient that checked in here was well in to her 80’s and did very well.”Romano says the hospital hopes to eventually have kiosks at every check in point on the campus, including physician’s offices, and rehab centers.Cori Skall, WABI TV 5 News.