Gas vs. Taxes What are You Paying For at the Pump? 

(AP) – Motorists in Maine will pay higher fuel taxes under a highway budget that’s being reviewed in the Legislature. The Transportation Committee held a work session Tuesday on a $649 million budget for the two years that start July 1. The bulk of the money comes from fuel taxes, and those taxes are scheduled to rise in July. The current 28.4 cent-per-gallon gasoline tax would rise by 1.1 cent as of July 1, and the 29.6 cent-per-gallon diesel fuel tax is to also rise by 1.1 cent on the same day. Further fuel tax changes in July 2010, also based on the consumer price index, are pending. Most of the transportation budget goes to highways, bridges and other transportation facilities, and the rest goes to motor vehicle and public safety agencies.