Roads from Hampden to Camden damaged by floods. 

Maine’s DOT and Public Works crews will have their hands full for the next month, as they repair the mess Mother Nature left in her path.From swollen river banks, to washed out roadways and culverts, the recent rain has wreaked havoc along many of Maine’s coastal roads, especially in the Camden area.Cori Skall has the story.”We’ve had some good ones out here, at times.”While a lot of rain can be fun for some, for others, it means a whole lot of work!”As you can see, it’s coming off the hillside, and when it gets down to where our drainage is, it usually brings leaves and things with it…leaves, trees, debris.”When drains and culverts fill up, that water’s got to go somewhere…usually, the road.”As it goes downhill further, it erodes and erodes and gets to the next culvert and plugs that one. By the time you get a half a mile away, in this case here it’s almost a mile away, it tears the ground up.””You can see, in some places, where the water has come through and washout out even the under parts of some of the roads.””Most of the damage has been to our shoulders, and some of it, they have to be grated…but when you get water flow like it is, all you can do is just stand there and look at it go.”Maine DOT Supervisor, Harry Fitzgerald, says fixing this damage could take some time.Crews first have to redirect the water and rebuild to shoulders before they tackle the roads.”I’m sure it will at least be a couple of weeks, anyways. You know, we’ll try and get it so the traffic can get through, earliest as possible. But as far as fully, the way it should be, it’s gonna be a couple of three weeks.”We’re told one motorist in the Appleton area had to be rescued after driving into water.Fitzgerald urges motorist to obey road closed signs, and avoid flooded areas.But most of all, have patience.”This piece of the road is just a small piece of the pie. When you got a couple of three hundred miles of road, you still have to maintain them, too. We don’t want any of those see them like this here.”Cori Skall, WABI TV 5 News.