Brewing up Business in Bar Harbor 

The folks at Atlantic Brewing are excited to bring Bar Harbor Brewing back into the hands of Mainers. Doug Maffucci, President of Atlantic Brewing says, “It had been sold a year ago to an out of state group, and I think they really didn’t understand how to run a Maine business.” Atlantic Brewing already runs a brewery and winery in the area – and now Bar Harbor Brewing.Even though they’re expanding, they say they plan to keep the company focus local and maintain the unique styles of both brands. “They’re both good. The Atlantic Brewing beers are well respected, and the Bar Harbor beers are well respected and we want to keep that difference there for the consumer.” says Maffucci.The Bar Harbor beers will be sold out of the Downtown Bar Harbor Brewery and the Town Hill location will still feature Atlantic’s beers. They say the only major change will be the label. “Even though the recipes are the same, the look and the feel is gonna be a lot more in keeping with the methodology that we employ at our brewery.”Atlantic’s expansion will even ‘brew-up’ a few new jobs.Maffucci says, “We are picking-up and employing people to really make this transition. In fact, we’re bringing the former brewer aboard. We’re gonna bring on some marketing people, some sales people, and in that regard, we’re excited in this sort of tough time to create a few jobs anyways.”They say, despite the tough times, they haven’t seen a drop in sales. “They still want to have a nice beer at the end of the day. So the result of that is we’re seeing beer sales doing pretty well.”