Underwater Art – The Coral Business 

A native Mainer has made quite a name for herself in the world of coral.Penny Harkins uses her aquatic green thumb to grow soft corals, and her web designing background to grow her global business.”Mother Nature really takes over, ya know” Says Harkins. Harkins started her coral reef business in her basement. When corals in her tank got too big, she decided it was time to trim them.”When I did that the first time I couldn’t throw away the pieces I knew they were live, so I said, ok – I tried to bind them to rock and they started to grow, and I got really good at making baby corals, so I had a tank full of babies, and big ones still going and nowhere to go with them.”Harkins decided to start selling her baby corals – she created a website, and her business took off. She says for many, filling their tanks is more than just a hobby – it’s a passion.”There’s something for everyone. If your favorite color is purple we got a lot of those for you, that kinda things” she say. From mushrooms and toad stools – to sea horses and shrimp… She has hundreds of species and a rainbow of colors in this underwater world… In addition to looking like art – growing coral helps the environment. Harkins says, “Every one that we grow here on location, or my customers grow, is one less that has to be harvested out of the ocean floor for the hobby… down the road I see us actually being called to help with replacing corals that became extinct in areas due to global warming and other environmental factors.”Harkins isn’t just in it for the sale. “In here I’m all about helping people keep everything that they have in their tanks alive.”She says a healthy system equals healthy animals, long term pets, and very happy customers!For more information or to order the coral, you can visit the web site,at