Red Sox Fans Ring in the 2009 Season 

Typically Peanuts and Cracker Jacks are sung about by baseball fans.Red Sox fans welcomed the start of the 2009 season with free hot dogs, chips, and drinks courtesy of Bangor radio station WZON.No matter the weather, Sox fans were ready to welcome the Boys of Summer, according to WZON Program Director Dale Duff. “We’ve done it in the rain, we’ve done it in the snow, we’ve done it in the sun and today we’re kind of doing it overcast.”If you hold it, they will come, and WZON had hundreds of baseball fans show up for their season opening barbeque at TBA in Bangor. It’s the 12th time the station has done this for their listeners.Some have made it to all of them, some are stopping in for the first time. “Exciting, first time I’ve ever been here, but had a good time a good showing.” said Brewers Mike Hartin. ” Usually I’m working, I work for the postal service, and I don’t get the chance to get the time off but I was able to get out today.”Irv Marsters of Glenburn has been to a number of these season opening cookouts “Like old home days a lot of people here, a lot of good hot dogs, some fun with the Tampa Bay cowbells.” “We have so many people that want to get out and talk Red Sox, think Red Sox, wear Red Sox, and grab a free hot dog” said Duff,”and that’s kind of what this day is all about just to get the Red Sox season started.”It was also about taking a shot at division rivals the Tampa Bay Rays and the New York Yankees.Especially the cowbell that Rays fans were clanging when they beat the Sox to get to the World Series last year.The folks at WZON had a special treat for those cowbells.And it came in the form of a Red Truck that crushed one.Despite the game being rained out, the fans were happy and ready to do it again, at least Marsters was. “It just means we’re going to have to do it all over again tomorrow.”