Public Health Week in Maine 

Improving the health and quality of life of all Mainers.And officials in the state want to make sure they start a lifetime change this week.It is public health week in the state of Maine. It runs from Monday the 6th until the 12th.Bangor Mayor Gerry Palmer issued a proclimation from the city today to encourge Bangor residents and all Mainers to eat healthy, manage their weight and promote and active lifestyle.In the proclimation from the city it said that 75% of all healthcare costs are related to largely preventable chronic diseases.The Public Health Director Patricia Hamilton was also on hand, and she says that spring is the perfect time to encourage people to get active.”We have a lot of prevention activities we have a new website called what you do matters and we’re trying to get the public to look to that and go to it for info on chronic disease, healthy living, nutrition, and physical activity.”Both bangor’s and Maine’s Public Health Week is part of the observance of the national event. House Speaker Hannah Pingree will also hold an event this Thursday at One o’clock at the State House Building in Augusta.