Workers’ Rights Group Protests Outside Rite Aid 

A group of protesters rallied outside a Bangor Rite-Aid store Thursday, to condemn what they say is the company’s abuse of worker rights.Members of “Food and Medicine,” based in Brewer, waved signs outside the Rite Aid at the corner of Union and Fourteenth Streets.They say the Rite Aid corporation has threatened and fired employees who wanted to unionize.Almost a year ago, Rite Aid employees voted to join a union, but according to Food and Medicine, the company has delayed reaching a contract with workers.The protesters held signs asking Mainers to urge Congress to support the Employee Free Choice Act.The law would protect the rights of workers on the job, including their right to have a union. “Membership in labor unions vastly increases your wages, your chance of having health insurance other benefits on the job, as well as having a voice on the job, having some kind of economic democracy where you work.”Similar protests were held on Thursday at Rite Aid stores around the country.