Pet Owners Need Financial Rescue 

In recent months, officials have seen an increase in the number of animals being surrendered, abandoned, and even killed due to tough economic times.Just last Saturday, two young Shetland sheep dogs were found dead in Norridgewock.Authorities say the dogs were killed, stuffed into a pillow case, and dumped on Sandy River Road. A passer-by discovered the dogs. The case was handled by the area animal control officer and the Somerset County Sheriff’s office…Officials want pet owners to know, that even when times are tough, there’s never a need to resort to these drastic measures…Tough times are forcing some people to make a heartbreaking decision.”We’re definitely seeing more animals coming in because of the economy. People are having a hard time keeping up on vet care, even basics like feeding their animals, giving them their monthly flea treatments and stuff like that.” Says Danielle Arbour, the events manager at the Bangor Humane Society. “I have been picking up more dogs. They have been getting reclaimed for the best part.” adds Pat Pinkham, the animal control officer in Bangor.Instead of giving up your pet, experts say there are places to turn for help when money is tight.”We have food here that people generously donated that have the means that we can cycle back into the public and help from month to month, and there are also vaccination clinics availible for some people.” says Arbour.Pet Quarters in Bangor has a clinic every third Sunday of the month, where a vet provides services like low cost vaccinations.But if there’s no way you can care for the animal anymore, Arbour says bringing it to them is the right move.”That’s why we’re here. The Bangor Humane Society and other shelters around the state are here to help re-home animals into places where they’re better off.”If you just let your animal loose or abandon it and you’re caught, there are penalties. Officials say you can be taken to court and fined up to 500 dollars. Pinkham advices people to do the right thing. “The Humane Society won’t give you any grief if you have to bring your animal here.”Arbour adds, “Don’t feel ashamed, don’t feel embarrassed to bring your animals in here, we really are here for that.”