Manna Inc. Asking for Easter Donations 

The folks at Manna Inc., in Bangor understand times are tough, and they want to give folks hardest hit, more reason to celebrate this Easter.They are collecting donations to provide needy families with Easter Dinners.They normally do this around Thanksgiving and Christmas, but they understand times are tough so they want to offer a helping hand for this holiday too.They’re hoping to give them ham steaks, or roasting chickens, along with scalloped potatoes, a vegetable and dessert.Now Manna Executive Director Bill Rae needs folks in the community to donate these items. “It’s been a long winter. People have had to spend a lot of money on fuel, they’ve lost jobs, they’ve lost income, they’ve lost a lot and let’s try to get something back. Easter is a time of new beginnings, it’s spring time. We want to be able to help people in our communities and we need your help doing it.”Manna will also accept cash donations. They figure twelve dollars will pay for an entire meal.They hope to provide these meals for up to 4-hundred families, and right now they only have a few donations. They’ll be collecting items until Good Friday.If you’d like to help out, you can send donations to Manna Incorporated at 629 Main Street, Bangor, Maine 04401, or you can log onto their website: