Police Give Safety Advice for Store Clerks/Customers 

Still no arrests in connection with two armed robberies last weekend.Both happened at convenience stores on Route 15, one in Bangor, the other in Kenduskeag.Bangor Police say it’s a good time to educate folks about what to do if you’re behind the counter, or in the store, when a robbery happens.Sergeant Paul Edwards says while armed robberies aren’t commonplace in Bangor, they do occurs.And it’s important for clerks, and customers, to know what to do if the worst happens.According to Edwards, the best thing anyone can do is stay calm. “Unless your life is absolutely in danger at that very moment, you need to do what you’re told to do. Remain calm, make no sudden movements. Just watch and get the best information you can and do what your supposed to do in the event of that robbery.”Thanks to a State Police surveillance tape, we can hear what actually happened during Sunday evening’s robbery at Sam’s Qwik Stop in Kenduskeag.Edwards says even when the situation gets heated, stay calm and take mental notes about the suspect. “If there’s different speech or language…or a limp…a mustache or a goatee. Any distinguishing characteristic about a person’s face that would stick out.” “If you can get a height or weight, that’s great. If you see a gun, we don’t expect people to get make and model, but if you can get some idea of what that looked like.”Once it’s over, lock yourself in the store and call 911.While you wait for police, it’s a good idea to write down as many details about the suspect as you can, so they’re fresh in your mind.Edwards’ best advice? Don’t try to be a hero. “Don’t confront, don’t anger or aggravate the person, because they’re desperate. If they’re desperate enough to come in with a gun or a knife, they’re desperate enough to hurt you, too, so do what you’re told.”