Job seekers turn to agency for help 

If you’ve checked the want ads lately, you’ve probably come across their listings.The Employment 1 agency has a database of hundreds of available jobs…to get these jobs, you’ll have to pay a price, and be willing to work. “Day to day, jobs change, so make sure you use the resources supplied to you, that we provide you, by coming in the office, using the phone hotline and the internet access, okay?” “You’re not just handed a job and told to go work. It’s similar to finding a job on your own, but with a lot of support behind you, and help doing it.”With the unemployment rate on the rise, and many Mainers looking for new jobs, some are turning to agencies like Employment 1 for help. “Every position we post in the newspaper is a verified job order, before it reaches the newspaper. We verify all jobs weekly.”Manager Tami Watson says there is a fee of 185 dollars a year for access to the job list. “The fee is a one time membership fee and it gives all members access to all postings that we develop on a daily basis.” Watson says Employment 1 is not a placement agency, it’s more of a job bank.They give you the list, but it’s up to you to go out and get the job. “I was much more comfortable paying a one time fee up front, never having to pay anything else, and getting as much support as I need and having 12 months of their service.”Stacy Meister has worked at Safelite Auto Glass for almost two years.He used Employment 1 to get the job. “It had been years since I had updated a resume and I didn’t realize they helped out with that, which was very helpful. I was able to do different drafts, improvements before coming up with a final copy.”Sales assistant Kyrie Vallancourt says Employment 1 helped her get her job at The Furniture Gallery in Bangor. “They asked me what kind of job I was looking for, what kind of experience I had, and where I wanted to bem and how much money I was looking to make.” “They basically gave me the confidence I needed to walk in and ask for the job.”