Brandon Meriweather came to Bucksport 

THE PROGRAM IS CALLED TAKE AN NFL PLAYER TO SCHOOL… THE PURPOSE IS FOR THE NFL TO PROMOTE FITNESS ACROSS THE COUNTRY…..FIRST GRADER JOCELYN TOZIER OF BUCKSPORT WAS THE NEW ENGLAND WINNER OF THE CONTEST AND SO TODAY SHE ARRIVED AT THE MILES LANE SCHOOL WITH PATRIOTS DEFENSIVE BACK BRANDON MERIWEATHER…..I introduced him to my family and showed him my room and it was fun riding in the limo.Meriweather flew into the Bangor airport yesterday…. and wandered around the Bangor Mall.Alot of space nice and quiet some of the best seafood I’ve ever had at the Muddy Rudder it was pretty good.The morning was spent at the Miles Lane school. He spoke to all the kids first.I’m not the star Jocelyn is.And then put the kids through a mini football camp as part of the Play 60 Campaign…. play at least 60 minutes a day.This is very important for kids cause alot sit and de play station, xbox and things when I grew up we were outside playing all day.He was great with the kids…. tending to Kelsie’s little ankle sprain …. and enjoying his time with the first graders and Jocelyn.She’s great she’s very aggressive she’s an athlete she’s my new best friend.Who’s your favorite player on the Patriots? Brandon Meriweather.BEFORE THE VISIT, HER FAVORITE HAD BEEN TEDY BRUSCHI… JOCELYN’S CAT IS ACTUALLY NAMED BRUSCHI…..MERIWEATHER SAID HE’D COME BACK SOME DAY IF JOCELYN WANTED…..