Tricks for saving money at prom time. 

Many families are feeling the squeeze of tougher economic times.And with prom season quickly approaching, Cori Skall went in search of ways to save money, while still looking good for that special day.”We do offer services at a discounted rate, so a lot of the high school area girls will come in to get their up-do’s….Typically when prom season comes in, we see an increase in our salon sales.”Every girl dreams of looking good on prom night.These days, the cost of a dress, hair do, nails and accessories can be more than some families can afford.But there are alternatives to spending tons of money on the prom, that can still let you look good, without breaking the bank.One way to save a little money, is to get your hair and nails done at a beauty school, like Empire’s.”Our up-do’s start at 15 dollars, and they go up from there…and the girls are very creative and artistic with their up dos.””Nails start at 20 dollars for acrylic nails and go up from there.”Empire beauty school executive director, Amy demos, says she’s expecting to see an increase in prom customers this year.”Manicures, pedicure, acrylic nails and a lot of make up. We’ve seen an increase in that as well, especially again, as this prom season comes up, a lot of the high school area girls are coming in for a trial run, to see what their make up may look like, and then they’ll come in for their appointment before prom as well.”And as far as finding that perfect dress….try your local thrift shop, or Goodwill.”Base price, they start at 4.99…the most expensive we have right now is 9.99.”Jen Lewis, manager at the Goodwill store in Brewer, says they always see an influx in prom gown donations this time of year.”We get some vintage things definitely, one’s that have been in people’s closets for a long, long time. So we do get some interesting pieces.””We also have shoes and accessories and all that stuff that could go along with it. So you could walk out here, and not have even spent 25 dollars and be outfitted? Exactly, exactly.”To see some affordable prom gowns, check out Goodwill’s bridal and prom showcase later this month.It will be held on Saturday, April 18th from 9a-m to 1p-m…at the Goodwill store on Western Avenue in Augusta.Admission is free.