Hows Corner 

A proposal to preserve seven-hundred acres of land in Plymouth is being discussed tonight.The Environmental Protection Agency and the Maine Department of Environmental Protection are holding a meeting in Plymouth to review the issue.There are two areas involvedm, one is 650-acres and runs along Ridge Road and Martin Stream.The other is a 50-acre area near the Plymouth water district.It would be compensation for the natural resources damage Plymouth incurred at the Hows Corner Superfund Site.Because of waste that was dumped on the site years ago, the groundwater was contaminated.”As part of the clean up for the Hows Corner Superfund Site the state of Maine has the ability to assess natural resources damages and the responsible parties for the site wish to have a full settlement for the site. We’re undergoing negotiations for clean up of the site and as part of that they wanted to settle on Natural resources damages as well.” Says David Wright, Director of Remediation for the Maine DEP.State officials tell us they are happy about the arrangement, but they are waiting to see how residents feel about it.The meeting is being held tonight at 7-pm at the Plymouth Grange Hall.