Young Moms Gather in Bangor 

The Fifth Annual Discovery Day was held at the Maine Discovery Museum in Bangor.It’s not a new exhibit.It’s put on by the Parents Are Teachers Too coalition to help pregnant and parenting moms 21 and younger learn new ideas about parenting.Most enter the program having been told just one thing according to 20 year old Katy York. “They just tell you to expect to have fun, relax and get a break from your little one.”19 year old Chelsie Smith has been through this before and agrees “This is my third year here so every time I’ve come I’ve always had a really good time.”This year, 31 young women, between the ages of 15 and 21, either expecting or parenting, were on hand for a series of workshops all designed to help them be moms.According to the Executive Director of the Maine Discovery Museum, Andrea Stark “We want them to know that this community supports them and their children and their families and that there are many resources not least of which is the Discovery Museum for them to enjoy and help them be good moms and also do something for themselves.”18 year old Chelsey Henderson has known about it for a couple of years “I was pregnant with my daughter when I was 16 and my Mom had actually looked Good Samaritan up in the phone book and I started going to school there and they do Discovery Day every year.”They all took part in activities they can take home and share with their kids, like dancing, singing and scrapbooking.For the young women, it’s nice to be around others their age, who share the same experiences.”It is nice to talk to other people that are around your age that have children as well” said 19 year old Erica Oliveira “and being able to just to relax and be way from our kids for at least a day.”Even after they cross the age limit, Stark said some want to come back.”About a week ago at the museum I had two moms here with their little kids and they were having a great time at the museum they’ve become members and it turns out that they had been Discovery Day moms a year or two ago.”