Drug Arrests 

The Kennebec County Sheriff’s Department reports that it has made a number of drug busts in recent weeks.One arrest took place when they raided a home in Sidney.Officials say Anthony Welch had set up a marijuana growing operation inside a hidden room in a garage.They found 167-pot plants and charged Welch with aggravated trafficking.On march 12th, hey raided Tobey McAfee’s home on the Cross Hill Rd. in Vassalboro.They say he was growing hallucinogenic mushrooms and had four ounces of marijuana.And on Friday, a deputy arrested Adam Smith of Pittston.Officials say the deputy witnessed what appeared to be a drug sale in a supermarket parking lot.Officials say they found a large quantity of oxycontin pills in Smith’s car when it was searched.They also found more oxycontin and two pounds of marijuana at his home.