Support The March of Dimes during Tax Time 

Liberty Tax Service and the March of Dimes have teamed up Nationwide to take care of taxes and raise some money for the kids.Liberty on Stillwater Avenue was asking people to donate 50 dollars to the March of Dimes, and in return, all day Friday, they did taxes for free.This saved clients a minimum of around 50 dollars, and contributed to a great cause.This is the second year Liberty has done this.Last year they were able to raise over 1,100 dollars for the organization.”Young people of the world are our future, if they can’t start healthy what good is our future. I absolutely have for years been a supporter of the March of Dimes and really want all of us to help young people get started in as healthy a fashion as possible.” says Robin Case, the owner of Liberty Tax Service on Stillwater.Liberty says the money raised stays local, and benefits the March of Dimes in Maine.Liberty reminds everyone that tax day is April 15th, this year, that falls on a Wednesday.