Raffle to Support the Homeless 

The Bangor Homeless Shelter is holding a raffle in combination with their annual Hike for the Homeless.This is the 14th year for the Hike.Organizers say it helps raise awareness and funds for the shelter.They say that less than 30 percent of the funding comes from the Federal and State governments. So they rely on private donations and community support to stay in business.The shelter has received support from local businesses to put the raffle on.They hope to raise money to help with expenses like operating costs and supplies.”The simple goal is, get 1,000 people out on the streets saying we can do better than this, but help fund the shelter as long as it’s needed through means like this raffle.” says Dennis Marble, Executive Director of the Bangor Homeless Shelter.They are raffling off great prizes like a flat screen T.V., a three month membership to the Bangor Y, and two round trip tickets to Florida. Tickets are five dollars each or three-for-ten, You can get them at the Shelter or you can buy they at any Merrill Bank branch.You can also pick them up at the Camden National Bank on Exchange Street or in Hampden.