Layed Off Workers Nightmare 

Maine workers receive a lot of attention when they lose their jobs because of the growing number of layoffs. But have you ever wondered what happens to them long after the spotlight shifts to another big story of the day?You might assume they simply get another job and live happily ever after.That simply isn’t the case for many of the thousands of workers who have lost their jobs in recent years.The group “food and medicine” conducted a study to see what’s really happening.Ron Allen says he’s one of the workers who continues to struggle after losing his job with the Georgia pacific company in 2006.”they’re still living high off the hog eating and doing whatever they want to do. And here I am three years later still struggling to put food on my table…. My wife is totally disabled. She cant work. We’ve applied for numerous state programs, food stamps, general assistance, Maine care… we’ve been denied everything because I made too much in my previous job” Ron’s story isn’t unique…The study found that most of the recently layed off workers have been forced to find jobs for much less pay…Many are having to pay more for insurance if they can afford it at all…Many others have lost their pensions and have bounced from job to job since they were layed off…The studies authors hope lawmakers and others will use the information to help the displaced workers with everything from job retraining to increasing the minimum wage..