Hampden Students Grieve Classmate’s Death 

Students at Hampden Academy are dealing with the 5th death of a fellow classmate in four years.After news of Nathan Clark’s death spread throughout the community, parents and school officials sprang in to action, offering grief services to those in need.Cori Skall has the story…”They’re in the anger stage. Like why?””Are we gonna escape a spring where we’re not burying one of our youth from a tragic accident or an illness?””Sadly, we’ve had so much practice with this.”Parents Anne O’Reilly and Jonathan Henry both have sons at Hampden Academy.And when the news surfaced that a student from the school had been found dead, after a police search earlier this week, both parents reached out to their kids, and teens in the community.”Those moments are powerful…To make that connection about safety, security, understanding about decisions.””One of the first things with a tragedy is to be angry…and then to be in denial, and then to accept the guilt. I mean, this is just the beginning of the process.”Nathan Clark is the fifth Hampden Academy student in 4 years to die.And these parents say the students are having a tough time wrapping their minds around that.”They’re feeling the pain for their friends, they’re feeling the pain for their friend’s wrong choices.”The High School’s crisis plan was implemented this week.And councilors, psychologists, as well as area clergy have been made available for students who need to talk.O’Reilly and Henry’s sons had grown up with Nathan Clark, and shared in activities like scouts and sports.They hope students will take advantage of these grief services, and that parents will reach out and help them deal with their feelings in a productive and safe way.”It could have been one of our children…and it wasn’t this time, and we pray that it never is….But I think we have to recognize the fragility of life and support each other in ways we can be more effective as parents.”Cori Skall, WABI TV 5 News.There is no word yet on when or if a memorial service will be held for Clark.But for more information on grief services for Hampden Academy students, log on to