Bangor Woman Competes on “The Price is Right” 

It’s not everyday a father gets to see his daughter’s face on national tv.Shawn Yardley of Bangor had that pleasure today.His daughter, Meghan, was a contestant on “the Price is Right,” and her family back here in Maine were cheering her on when the show aired today.Amy Erickson has the story.It’s not everyday that kids at All Saints School in Bangor get to watch game shows during class time.But principal Marcia Diamond made an exception when she heard that Meghan Yardley…whose three younger sisters attend the school…was a contestant on “the Price is Right!””This is big news, for one of ours to be on tv on a national audience!”Yardley is a college student who was in California recently, looking at grad schools.She got tickets to the show and lo and behold…was the first name called!Proud parents Shawn and Rita Yardley also came to All Saints to watch Meghan’s debut…they almost couldn’t believe it when she’d called to say she’d been chosen. “She was really excited…she said oh, I kissed drew Carey and I went up the wrong stairs!” “I’m really proud of her. I think it’s really neat.”Meghan’s little sisters were thrilled to get a shout-out on national tv.”I thought it was really cool!” “She did really good. She was funny. She went up the wrong steps, though.” “I thought it was really cool to see my own sister on the price is right and I would never think that’d actually happen!”Meghan didn’t win the big prize…but she did walk away with a new laptop…which Dad thinks is pretty cool. “I’m pretty happy. One less thing for her to buy for school next year, so that’s a good deal.”Shawn Yardley says the experience is one his daughter won’t soon forget.”She came back and was accepted at the PhD program at USC which for me is much more important. But right now, the price is right is the big thing for Meghan.”Amy Erickson, WABI TV5 News, Bangor.>