Who’s truck is it? 

The town of Frankfort has two fire departments.One is town run, the other an independently run volunteer station.Both departments received grant money to buy new trucks.But now there’s a question as to who owns one of them, the independent department, or the town.As Cori Skall explains, that’s the question up for debate at Friday night’s town meeting.”We opened up about 20 years ago and the reason we did it, we really needed some fire protection in this end of our town.”There are two fire departments in the town of Frankfort.The village fire department, run by the town, is right on route 1-A.The West Frankfort Fire Department is an independent department of volunteer firefighters, and it is located on the Swan Lake road.Both departments put in for federal grant money to buy new fire trucks, and both were approved.But West Frankfort’s Chief says he came across a problem, when checking with the dealership, on the title to truck that went to his department.”Instead of putting the West Frankfort Fire Department, he put town of West Frankfort. Of course we all know there’s no such place as West Frankfort, so he agreed to redo the paperwork and make it right, and send it in for the title.”Stone says the title was changed without incident, and the truck put in to service last year.But last month, stone says he got a letter from the town’s attorney, saying he had wrongfully changed the title, and that the town owned the truck, not the department.”I mean I’m in the town office all the time, picking up mail and doing different things…and they never once said Roy we have an issue, we want to talk with you, or anything.”Now the town is asking residents for permission to take legal action against stone…and to foot the bill for it.Stone’s wife, Sandra, who is the West Frankfort Department’s treasurer, also wrote the grant….”Everything that went on with our FEMA applications is correct.”We were unsuccessful in our attempts to contact the town selectmen, and the village fire chief for comment.”i’m hoping that the townspeople will just vote not to pursue legal action cause all that’s going to do it hurt this town.””I am just beginning to wonder just how much we have to fight just to be volunteers to help people.”The Frankfort town meeting will take place friday night at the Frankfort elementary school.It’s scheduled to start at 7-pm.