UMaine Budget Cuts 

A rather sobering meeting was held today at the University of Maine.Faculty and staff members gathered to talk about the university’s budget and the need to cut 8-point-6 million dollars for the coming fiscal year.UMaine President Robert Kennedy has said that layoffs are inevitable as the number crunchers find ways to trim operating costs.He didn’t discuss any specific cuts today.The special forum was really a time to discuss where the university stands during this tough economy.”The other thing that i’m sure is very apparent to you and I want to remind you is that we’re not in this alone. If you talk to your colleagues all across the country many will tell you stories that are at least as dire or perhaps more so than what’s happening in the state of Maine and the University of Maine”.Kennedy says the budget cuts come at a time when enrollment and programs continue to increase at the university.Another forum will be held Monday so that others can learn how potential budget cuts will effect the state’s flagship university.