Police Chiefs Making Schools Safer 

“Initially, there were some kids who thought this might be a Halloween prank.”On October 31st last year, an armed gunman made his way into the Stockton Springs Elementary School and held 11 children inside a classroom. no one was injured, but it’s a day students, teachers and parents will never forget.”I don’t think anyone prepares you to be prepared for something as extreme as what we experienced.”The school had a plan in place, but officials say they learned it could be better. They’re sharing their story with law enforcement, schools and other agencies in Washington county to show the importance of planning and working together.”There is no substitute for someone being aware, being willing, having the courage to do what they need to do in that moment.””Law enforcement also learned that day. There are things we have taken away from that and trying to improve on.”Police chiefs across Washington County have come up with a list of simple things to make schools more secure. they include making visitors sign in and developing a relationship with law enforcement.”We are trained for it. We know what to do to prevent loss of life. They were in a position that day to take that step if they had to. Fortunately it didn’t come to that.”Police say the size of washington county could make response time even longer.”We don’t want to scare anybody, but this type of thing can happen anywhere. It can happen at any time and you probably won’t get much warning. If you haven’t planned for it and you’re not ready for it, the results could be disastrous.”